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Mac Support for Business in Colorado since 2005

Sirius Onsite specializes in support for AppleĀ® systems and software. Macs are used in all businesses and industries. The advantages in user experience and lower support costs are clear. If your IT department is not prepared to support Apple products, Sirius Onsite will be glad to provide full or cooperative support. We will make sure your personnel are getting the most from their Macs.

Protection and Monitoring

Sirius Onsite can provide remote monitoring to protect your business systems and data. Catching problems before they become a catastrophe is much better than simply reacting to emergencies. A few ounces of securing systems and maintaining backups is worth pounds of emergency recovery.

FileMaker Application Development

Is your business is strugging to make do with software that won't do exactly what you need? Is your office workflow is hampered by shared spreadsheets, lost email messages and scattered resources? A FileMaker application might be able to centralize your data, streamline your processes and make your business more efficient. A more efficient business is a more profitable business.

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FileMaker Applications

FileMaker Development and Support


The FileMaker Platform is powerful software for creating custom apps that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. It can simplify or automate your office workflow, centralize the data and make it available across many devices.
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Manage Your Business

Are you bending your business to fit the software? FileMaker can create software that fits your business needs.

Data Analysis

Are you continually buried in spreadsheets? FileMaker can generate detailed analysis of your sales and costs.


Do you need access to data while you're away from your desk? FileMaker is mobile on iOS devices over WiFi or cellular data.

Email Integration

Process and generate email messages with your data.

A custom application can improve your business' efficiency. A more efficient business is a more profitable business.

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